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Men Top Three Biggest Fears
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 months ago

Well, this isn’t just a man thing, this is also a girl thing. But today, we’re talking about how these fears fucks with us guys. What fears am I talking about? Well, I’m talking about the three biggest things that can usually happen to a person that will destroy all their confidence. And that’s being bald, being short, or being fat. 

Waking up from a dream where I had all three of these problems.

Okay now, each three of these things can be seen as bad or good depending on the person. And if you find someone who likes you for your “personality” then you don’t really have anything to worry about. But let’s be honest, most girls want a tall, head full of hair, and toned looking anime boy.

A creep and a peto, and he still gets more bitches than me.

So first off, being bald. Some people can definitely pull it off, while others can’t. If you don’t already have a good head/skull structure, you’re already kind of shit out of luck sadly. And some people just aren’t those people. But, people do have the option of wigs, but I don’t really think most guys think of going to that option. It mainly sucks that, even if you look good being bald, if you are bald not by choice and because you’re losing your hair, the choice is taken away from you. Which I feel is the reason it sucks the most.

Some people can pull it off tho.

Next, is being fat. Luckily, like any of these things, you have girls that are actually into fat guys. Dad bods are a thing nowadays, so being a little fat might not be so bad. But a little fat is kind of different than a lot of fat. Being scared to ever take your shirt off, or someone seeing you naked, definitely wouldn’t feel good when you’re ready to have sex with a girl. It’s something you can fix and lower, but that takes a lot of work, definitely depending on your metabolism. Some people don’t even have to work that hard to have a nice looking body that a woman would enjoy, while others unfortunately have to exercise every day and stop eating some of their favorite foods.

Going to have to lay off the burgers if you want to be looking like this.

And last, but not less, being short. While being fat is the easiest one to fix out of all of these, being short is the hardest one to fix. It’s no real easy solution if you’re born short. You're just short, and that’s it. Yeah, there’s extreme medical surgery where you can put a few inches in your legs, but that’s scary and a lot of money. And some guys don’t like a girl who’s taller than them, same as a girl who doesn't like a guy shorter than her. So it’s kind of a fucked up situation if you’re short. It’s not like short boys don’t get the bitches tho, just look at Asta.

Short and still getting the hoes.

So if I had to choose, I would be alright with being bald the most, and I wouldn’t want to be fat the most. In the end of the day, as we get old, we all might experience these three fears. Hell, as you get older your back starts to give out, which makes you start walking hunchback style. That’s like getting shorter right. But even with these fears slowly creeping up on us, all we can do is be prepared for them and have the confidence to hopefully make up for the downgrade with something else. LIKE OUR AMAZING PERSONALITY!!! 

Would you rather be bald, short, or fat? What would you hate the most, being bald, short, or fat? Do you fear any of these three things? Tell us in the comments.