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Wasa’s New GILF Is Joining The Family
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 months ago

I’ve talked about Wasa’s OC Family before, the Amber family. Which included a mother, and two daughters. But before the daughters, the slutty Mom had to come from someone, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if she was sluttier than her. Meet Gina, the grandmother and GILF of the family.

GILF hit a certain itch that the young daughters and mother just can’t scratch. She’s the neighborhood cum dump, and that’s a neighborhood I wouldn’t mind taking a detour to. Hell, if she’s just giving out that old fat ass all day and night, I wouldn’t mind becoming a permanent resident there. GILF ass all night and day.

I’m happy to see Gina join the roster of Wasa’s anal loving, fat ass sluts. Can’t want to see more GILFs on my timeline.

What do you think of Gina? Would you join the neighborhood to fuck Gina? Are you excited for more Gina content? Tell us in the comments.