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Sylphy Handled ED Like A Champ
By WakeUpSnooze • 2 months ago

Earlier this season I did an article covering Mushoku Tensei’s pretty disappointing depiction of a guy dealing with ED. As is typical in anime fashion, our MC who was suffering from the condition was blamed for it and casted aside by his potential love interest of the time who obviously worried she didn’t live up to his sexual expectations, despite the real root cause being a serious health issue. At the time I did mention that considering the track record of this show’s writing, this may be a purposely stereotypical depiction that will later be contrasted with a new perspective. Personally I thought our MC might meet this girl again one day several years in the future and they can have a more mature conversation that remedies the past falling out. Well fuck me my frineds, because the author had other plans and it was to use this situation to prove how amazing Sylphy is. 

Kinky has already professed his (gay?) love for Sylphy this go around, and these final few episodes that ended the season cemented her as my favorite love interest for Rudeus so far too. You see after they are reunited by Rudeus discovering her true identity, they get together. Sylphy learns of our boy’s penile plight, and what does she do? Make fun of him again? Blame him for his condition? Feel like it’s her fault and get flustered? None of that bullshit my friends. She simply understands, lets him know it’s aight, and works with him to find a cure. That’s it. And very minor spoilers for reading onwards, but yes she does in fact get her hands on a cure thanks to some connections and through a mutual bond, Rudeus’ weiner is restored back to operating status. It’s obvious to me that the production team planned for this to be a full circle moment as we started this season with Rudeus having one of the worst encounters of his life thanks to ED, and then by the end of it developing one of his most meaningful relationships yet by addressing it with his partner. I couldn’t be happier with how this turned out. My only regret is not expecting this from Mushoku Tensei initially, but watching shit anime will scar you my man. Nine times out of ten, ED is nothing more than a hee hee haha joke for writers to use, nothing to ever address seriously. Bravo for this anime breaking out of that.

Please, accept this pipedown as a thank you.

Welp now both blog writers over here have shilled for Sylphy on Doujins, maybe I need to head over to Hentai0 and get Yung on the train too. I never know where this story will go, but this mature handling of this arc has definitely convinced me to stick around once the next installment of Mushoku Tensei drops. What are your thoughts on ED in anime? Is Sylphy a great character for how she handled it? Or are you more of a Mr. Fitz kinda individual? Hop in the bed, explain your ailment, and be treated with respect anyway by the GOAT in the comments below!