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Stopu Drawing Sexy and Fit Chicks
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 months ago

I know I see a lot of people complaining and getting mad when an artist changes a female's proportions. I get it, if the character has small boobs, keep her with small boobs and give our flat chested girls some representation. But, we will always have the original, so it’s sometimes interesting to see how a skinny anime girl would look like if she was thicc and had mommy milkers. The same way it’s kind of interesting to see how a skinny anime waifu would look like if she was going to the gym every day.

Stopu is here to scratch that muscle girl inch that some of us guys are having. I know I love my muscle waifus, there’s not enough in anime in my opinion. So I’m happy to see that Stopu is taking some of them to the gym and showing them how sexy having abs can be. 

And don’t worry, as a muscle loving artist, they are not forgetting about the waifus who actually brought muscle girls into the world of sexy. Who can forget about Miruko’s sexy and delicious abs.

All artists have different styles and things they enjoy drawing. It’s not a bad thing for them to change a character to fit their style or aesthetic. It just gives us another way to view that character, or a what if kind of situation. So I think it can be a good thing, other than something to complain about depending on the artist's intent.

What do you think of Stopu’s art? Do you like muscular anime girls? Is it okay to change a character's proportions? Tell us in the comments.