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Alucard Will Gun Down Ghouls... In Call of Duty?
By WakeUpSnooze • 2 months ago

Well boys, if everything comes out correctly, today is the last day of September. Which nowadays means that the month-long holiday of Halloween has begun. At least in my household it’s already time to bust out the decorations once that sweet sweet “October” name shows up tomorrow. One name I didn’t expect to see coming up in the headlines was Alucard. But what I really didn’t expect was the context that he is coming to Call of Duty Modern Warfare II for a bit of a spooky collaboration.

COD will be hosting a Halloween event called The Haunting that will start on October 17th, and Alucard has been announced to be a special obtainable skin during it. In case this sounds familiar, yes it’s essentially a classic Fortnite style collaboration from what I can tell. Honestly I thought COD might give up on anime completely after the atrocious productions that came out of the Attack on Titan event. And honestly, maybe they should have because I’m not too sure how Alucard is going to transfer over into the COD universe without looking incredibly out of place. So far the teaser image doesn’t give me much hope. My man appears to shine like a plastic toy contrasting against the realistic artstyle of COD, but I’ll wait to see some more screenshots before passing a final judgment. Alongside him we can expect to see Skeletor (Masters of the Universe), Ash Williams (Evil Dead), and Lilith (Diablo IV) becoming available as skins for The Haunting.

Something tells me he won't look this clean.

I have no investment in either series (yeah, I still need to watch Hellsing I’m sorry), so I definitely won't be checking this out. I hope those that are excited find it to be a fun event and they don’t make a mockery of Alucard’s famous design. From what I understand the gameplay might also be modified, and it would be cool if players can experience utilizing some of Alucard’s abilities and weapons too. Do you play COD? Would you expect this type of crossover? Will COD continue to dip its toes into anime franchises? Grab some guns, cross enemy lines, and crossover with anime in the comments below!